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  • “Be for something and become the change you desire!"

    Hello - I am Santa! I...

    • am the Co-Director and founder of the Think & Action Lab FindingSustainia, a UNESCO award winning think tank known for its 30 day sustainability challenges
    • was voted "Best Sustainability Blogger" in Germany (GLS Bank Sustainability Blog Awards) and am in the Top 100 sustainability influencers ranking of the Triodos Bank #Nachhaltige100.
    • am a proud Member of the Think Tank 30 of the German Club of Rome
    • am based in Paris
    • speak German, English, French and Bengali on a daily basis
    • am German from an Indian family
    • studied EU & Int. Environmental Law
    • co-authored “Seven Virtues Reloaded,” applying classical virtues to the demands of tomorrow’s world (original German title “7 Tugenden Reloaded” )
    • got featured on the Huffington Post on "How to stop buying clothes for a year".
    • p.s. Find out more about me on my LinkedIn, my Think Tank 30 member profile or browse through FindingSustainia if you know German (or use Chrome Translate). I also strongly encourage you to read my paper on "How 'inner sustainability' can benefit the climate: Linking environmental to personal well-being" which I presented as a panelist for the UNFCCC side event of the climate negotiations in Bonn, 2018.

  • My Seven-Point Methodology
    for individuals, groups and companies

    1) My Self-Challenge Model© for positive habits: Expand yourself by leaving your comfort zone.

    2) Status-quo analysis: Identify blockages in different parts of your life.

    3) Unlock your Ikigai: Find your purpose in life.

    4) Attain your FLOW in work and private life: Find ways to be productive, efficient and love what you do!

    5) Sustainable you: Design your individual sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

    6) Mindfulness practice: Find techniques to stay balanced.

    7) Vulnerability is Strength: Develop vulnerability and authenticity through positive and conscious communication.

  • What I offer

    Finding the link between sustainability and well-being: My behavioural change challenges for individuals, groups and companies!


    * Collaborating on "sustainably sexy" products, alternative materials and packaging, conscious sourcing and creating societal value

    * Guiding corporate sustainability and mindfulness challenges for a better footprint

    * Leading sustainable food and cooking classes, workshops and events


    * Using cutting-edge neuroplasticity research through My Challenge Methodology, pushing clients out of their comfort zones towards healthy, mindful and sustainable habits
    * Providing individual and group respiration, medicinal energy yoga and meditation training

    * Supporting personal and organisational abundance through minimalism and self-simplicity


    * Offering healthy work flow designs to thrive economically while serving as an authentic ecological steward

    * Fostering a balanced organisational culture by leading retreats as a certified sustainable events consultant

    * Crafting authentic Corporate Communications, demonstrating a balanced commitment to both environmental stewardship and strong economic performance

  • The Blog

    Thoughts & Projects.

    Environmental sustainability as defined by the Cambridge dictionary is the" idea that goods and...
    Maya Cosentino,M.D., is a physician and fellow Think Tank 30 member who researches on connections...
    This year the German ethical bank GLS Bank organised the sustainability blog awards to honour...
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  • Projects

    A selection

    "Planet Heroes - Who's Next?", Sustainable Brands Paris 2019

    Europe's biggest event on sustainability & innovation, Paris, 2019

    Roundable with Black Rock France CEO J-F Cirelli and Ashoka Community Manager Y.Barrett on effective triggers for sustainable change. More...


    "The FindingSustainia School of Climate Super Heroes", Ecole Massilon Paris

    Teaching CP & CE1 children on how to mitigate pollution, Paris, 2019

    In these two 3-hour workshops we looked at the status quo of our world, talked about microplastic, recycling, alternatives and waste reduction, followed by our first super hero mission of collecting waste alongside the Seine river.

    "Why aren't we really mitigating?" Bonn Climate Change Conference, UNFCC

    Panelist presenting the FindingSustainia Challenge Methodology, Bonn, 2018

    The benefits of self-challenges, mindfulness and removing the agony of choice from a neuroplasticity point of view, ikigai and benefits of sustainable lifestyle choices (nutrition, consumption, travels etc.) on personal well-being.

    Summer School on Sustainability 2018, University of Mannheim

    Theory meets Practice, University of Mannheim and DHBW Stuttgart, Stuttgart, 2018

    Facilitating a 2-day intense workshop with Nicolai Hennemann for international students on my challenge methodology, ikigai, zero waste and TheoryU. We also made our own cosmetics, visited a zero waste shop and cook a sustainable zero-waste menu. See here for more pictures.

    "Living Quality and Climate Change", #ZIEK Barcamp for the BMUB

    Organised by the Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety, Berlin, 2015

    Presenting my challenge methodology and acting as a workshop facilitator to redefine sustainability as a concept that brings a heightened level of living quality, health and finances as opposed to deprivation.

    "Intrinsic purpose & Ikigai", DVV/ Internationale Volkshochschule

    Why living with a purpose leads to better societies, Yerevan (Armenia), 2018

    Active Citizenship and Civic Education a group of 26 young people from Gali, Tbilisi and Sokhumi, teaming up with theatre coach Mareike Wenzel for a unique blend of theory put into theatrical practice.

    "Cradle-to-Cradle is great but...", Re:Blog by OTTO

    #ReMind Blogger Workshop " What does sustainability mean to you?"- Hamburg, 2017

    ... it is also the producers responsability to make sure the product goes back to its "cradle".


    "Lived Sustainability", Eine Welt Foundation

    Practical steps to a sustainable life - Duisburg, 2015

    Co-organised by the Eine Welt Foundation and the Duisburg Foundation for Environment, Health and Society (Duisburger Stiftung für Umwelt,
    Gesundheit und Soziales)
    Radio Podcast in German available here!

    "Well-Being as a frugally innovative solution", Frugal Innovation Day Paris

    Fishbowl discussions on frugal innovation, Paris, 2019

    Talking on the transformative power of appreciation & how we can consume in a way that is in tune with our planet's and the individual's needs.

    "Living Quality and Consumption - a contradiction?", Duisburger Umwelttage

    Opening Speech on personal well-being beyond consumerism - Duisburg, 2015

    Duisburg Environmental Days organised by the City Council of Duisburg

    Sustainable School Cooking, Sophie-Scholl-Berufskolleg

    Cooking a delicious vegan, regional, zero waste menu on a budget,
    Duisburg, 2015

    Pesto from carrot greens? Chips from potatoe peels? Raw cakes without baking? - Cooking as an adventure and win-win for health and environment

    "Challenge yourself! 4 Sustainability Challenges", Element-i Kongress 2018

    Conference for teachers and administration organised by Konzept-e, Stuttgart, 2018

    Giving insights on four sustainability challenges, i.e. zero waste, regional and organic living & reduction of animal products in schools and cantines.

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